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USA TRANSLATIONS – A Company Profile

Founded in 1993, USA Translations has been well-established as a leader in multilingual communication, with clients and associates all over the globe. Since its inception, USA Translations has developed a reputation for exceptional performance in each and every project. Over time, our client-oriented approach and our passion for linguistic craftsmanship have gained us the trust of numerous satisfied, loyal clients. Among these clients are many businesses in the fields of legal, marketing and medical services.

Legal Translations

Our client list contains numerous prestigious companies, including several Fortune 500 corporations. Our certified translations come with sworn statements (affidavits) guaranteeing the accuracy of the translations. We understand the specific issues of legal translations and offer the highest quality service in different areas of legal practice, such as:


Our linguists cover all stages of the immigration process: tourist and business visas, temporary work visas and green cards up to naturalization, including all pertinent immigration forms and applications as well as personal and professional documents.


We guarantee accurate translations of all types of contracts: sales, real estate, employment, general business, and more.
Intellectual Property
Count on our multilingual support in pursuing matters of international copyright, licensing, patent applications, patent-infringement and multi-jurisdictional patent litigation. Discovery Support To assist you in your discovery process we can coordinate directly with your entire team of attorneys, support staff and consultants.


Our legal translation specialists bring the highest standards to bear on your important litigation matters. We support our clients throughout all stages of the litigation process – from internal review to discovery, settlement, release, or finally to hearing or trial. We produce certified translations of your litigation documents for filing with U.S. state and federal courts, and in foreign jurisdictions worldwide.

Advertising & Marketing Translations

If you are an advertising or marketing communications manager or company you will appreciate our full range of translation solutions to corporate marcom departments. This includes translation of ad copywriting, marketing brochures, magazines, catalogs, newsletters, websites, video profiles & presentations and other promotional material. We provide prompt professional translation services of advertising and marketing material in over 100 languages and in hundreds of language combinations. With our large pool of experienced linguists around the world, we help you get your message out to your international customers in their own language - in every locality in which you are doing business. Regardless of format, online or offline, your marcom translations are also attractively desktop published by our layout specialists who are well-versed in the latest industry layout applications.

Medical Translations

Biomedical and healthcare companies that require multilingual documentation need translators who specialize in medical and scientific terminologies and nomenclatures. USA Translations and our expert team of scientific and medical translators provide this support for the ever-expanding communication objectives of healthcare organizations. Meeting this challenge represents one of our key areas of expertise. Our firm manages and produces a wide range of multilingual medical communication material. Our adaptation and production process includes careful translation and review by medical experts. Our glossary development and memory tools ensure consistent use of medical terminology. USA Translations certifies foreign-language versions of health care documentation, product labeling and medical technology. In addition, complete confidentiality is always guaranteed.

Translation and Cultural Adaptation

Translating a text professionally into another language requires more than just a word-for-word rendition. The message and vision you want to project needs to be adapted for your target audience. A reputable translation company will always culturally adapt your material so that it will not only read well in the target language, but will possess all the right local flavors and nuances. USA Translations lives up to that challenge, which is one of many reasons that USA Translations is your best choice in the field of multilingual communication. Our clients appreciate our extensive experience in multiple industries and the professionalism of our translators, editors, proofreaders and desktop publishers. Always striving for perfection, outstanding quality at reasonable prices has been our hallmark!